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Our initial schedule features several L-3 Day Paddles in various areas in and around Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia. The location of each will be somewhat dependent upon the weather for that day.


You can view our schedule here. If you are interested in signing up for an upcoming trip, please use our contact form and we'll give you call to go over what you can expect and get you registered.


L-3 Day Paddle -- This trip is based on the ACA (American Canoe Association) L-3 assessment for coastal kayaking. It is a day paddle with open water coastal kayaking instructors and is suitable for paddlers comfortable in winds up to 15 knots, swells of several feet, surf up to three feet, and tidal currents of up to three knots. Participants should have a good foundation of padding skills and rescue ability, including self-rescue.


The full day will consist of open water paddling up to one mile from shore and depending on weather conditions may include open ocean paddling and moderate surf. We'll help you refine your skills and work on any areas you feel you'd like to improve, while guiding you through some of the area's finest paddling and exposing you to new destinations. It's great fun and a good way to stretch your boundaries while paddling. The L-3 day paddle will include distances up to 7 miles. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day.


Note, you'll need your kayak, safety and rescue gear, water and clothing/paddling clothing appropriate for the weather and water temperatures.


Introduction to Expedition Kayaking -- Join us for an overnight kayak camping trip on one of Virginia's barrier islands as the perfect introduction to expedition kayaking and kayak camping.  This is more than a guided camping trip -- it's two days of skill development and instruction as well.  We'll spend time discussing packing and loading your kayak for the best trim, pre-launch navigation (we provide laminated chart sections for each paddler), the effect of wind and tides, weather reading and prediction, and escape routes.  Once we have the kayaks loaded we'll launch and paddle in protected bays, open water and open ocean surrounding the barrier islands, with some rough water practice in loaded boats.  Toward the end of the first day we'll navigate to an island and find a suitable camp site.  It's a great opportunity to feel how a loaded kayak behaves in open water and moderate surf conditions. camp site?

Each paddler will carry their personal gear, plus a collection of group gear -- food, water and cooking.  The location allows for primitive camping, with no defined sites or facilities, but plenty of soft sand.  Depending on the experience level of participants, we may schedule a pre-trip planning session for one evening a week before the trip to cover what to bring, and what not to bring. We'll also provide a checklist in advance of the outing.

The second day will feature more navigation practice, along with open water paddling skills development. There will also be plenty of time to work on individual paddling skills, as well as rolling and bracing.  We'll end the day arriving at the take out.  Note, a variation of this trip has us starting at one launch point and ending at another, some miles away, and includes shuttle to your vehicle.  All food is provided except the first day's lunch. Paddle distances will be approximately 20-22 miles over two days.

Prerequisites: Solid foundation in basic strokes, braces and rescues. Experience with self and assisted rescues. Eskimo roll is helpful, but not required.

Equipment required: Sea kayak, spray skirt, paddle, PFD, standard safety and rescue equipment, signal devices (mirror or flares) plus a helmet designed for water sports. We recommend bringing a sack lunch for the first day.  You'll also need camping gear, including a tent (shared tent space may be available), sleeping bag, on and off-water clothing and drinking water.

Cost: $150 Dates: Nov 5-6, 2011

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Tybee Island, GA -- Join us for a weekend of paddling in the world famous Triangle of Tybee Island - the same spot featured in the This is the Sea DVD. We'll expose you to a vastly different form of coastal padding, including adventures to nearby islands and standing wave surf practice in the triangle, where an outgoing river flow meets incoming tide over some huge sandbars. We'll stay at The Outdoor Inn, a beautiful bed & breakfast with plenty of room to spread out. It's definitely kayak friendly lodging! Contact us for rates and availability.



Full Moon Night Paddle -- This is one of the most fun and Full Moon Paddlesoothing trips we offer. We launch from the Dismal Swamp Canal and paddle either along the canal or back to Lake Drummond as the full moon rises over the trees and reflects on the dark water. Because there is virtually no boat traffic on the canal at night we keep lights to a minimum so you can soak up the sounds and smells. It's a great way to "feel" how your kayak moves through the water. And yes, we even run this trip in the winter, as the photo to the right shows from our February outing with temps in the low 30s!


Duration is two hours for the canal paddle and 4 hours for the lake. This can also be a custom paddle for your group or family. Cost: $40 for the 2-hour paddle, $55 for the four hour. Prerequisites: kayak (we have limited rentals available), PFD and paddle. Appropriate cold weather/water paddling gear as the temperatures require.


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