Kari-Tek Roof Racks and Trolley Systems

We're pleased to be the U.S. Importer/Distributor for the latest products from Scotland based Kari-Tek. We maintain in stock a complete supply of Kari-Tek Easy Load Roof Rack (ELRR) systems as well as Kari-Tek's innovative and rugged land-transport Trolleys.

Easy Load Roof Rack

The Kari-Tek Easy Load Roof Rack is both a kayak roof rack and a canoe roof rack. It fits on to your vehicle’s existing roof bars and lowers to the side for safe, easy and secure loading of kayaks and canoes.

  • Fits on to vehicle’s roof bars
  • Available in 3 sizes (ELRR-S, ELRR-X & ELRR-XX)
  • Suits cars, SUVs, vans & pick-up trucks
  • Suits kayaks and canoes
  • Full fitting instructions provided

Safe loading

  • protect back, shoulders, wrists
  • protect kayak/canoe
  • avoid damaging vehicle
  • load is more secure for journey
  • no clambering on vehicle roof
  • no awkward stretching or straining to load/unload

Easy loading

  • get on and off the water quicker
  • lower rack to side of vehicle
  • lift kayak less than 3 feet to position on cradles
  • secure kayak quickly with straps
  • raise the rack – it takes the strain
  • controlled loading if on own
  • remove sliding bars when not in use

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Kari-Tek TrolleyTrolley

The Kari-Tek trolley is an innovative solution for kayak and canoe transport. It is easy to use, lightweight and designed to fold neatly for stowing on the deck or inside the boat. The Kari-Tek trolley makes your boat easy to maneuver from the car to the water and back again – it can handle all types of terrain with ease, including rocky or sandy beaches.

Unique design

The trolley is designed with the safety and protection of your boat in mind. The saddle has a unique shape to ensure that minimum pressure is applied to the hull of your boat. The boat is held securely in place with two sets of straps so it won’t slide off the trolley when it’s moving.

Kayak cart

Made from strong UV and salt-resistant polypropylene, the Kari-Tek trolley is lightweight, hard-wearing and long-lasting. It will handle a fully loaded sea kayak with ease. The trolley is fitted with pneumatic tires on 8" or 10” wheels which help it deal with rough terrain.

How the trolley works

From its stowed position, there’s a quick release lever to remove the wheels. The legs are unfolded and the aluminium cross-stay is fitted into two key-hole slots on the legs. This gives the trolley superb stability and rigidity.

The pneumatic tired wheels are slotted into position on the trolley legs. The trolley is positioned beside the kayak, just behind the cockpit. The kayak is then lifted onto the trolley.

The girth strap is secured and tightened around the kayak’s hull. The second strap is loosely secured around the cockpit coaming (or around the thwart of an open canoe). The kayak is then ready to be pulled with ease to or from the water’s edge.

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How does the Roof Rack System work?

To use the rack, two quick release locking pins are removed and the bars slide outwards and down the side of the vehicle where they rest without touching the bodywork.

Your kayaks or canoes then only require lifting around 1 metre onto the rack, where they can then be secured using the appropriate straps or clamps. Lifting and securing takes place at a much easier and safer height (no more trying to climb onto the vehicle roof to secure things!).

Once the load is secured, the rack is simply raised and slid back into position and the locking pins replaced. When not required the sliding bars can be very easily removed.

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