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Emergency Storm Shelter

Emergency Storm Shelter
From the manufacturer: "The emergency shelter works in much the same way as the storm cag; it prevents forced convection and evaporative heat loss. The shelter, however, allows people to share the protected space, thereby taking advantage of each other's dissipating body heat. If you've never experimented with a group emergency shelter, you may be surprised at how warm it becomes inside, even on the cold, windy days.

Emergency shelters have been produced for sea kayakers for some time, but have traditionally been made of bulky taffeta nylon and for relatively large groups, making them too bulky for travel. We needed shelters that were lighter and smaller. We produce the shelter in the same material as our storm cags, in sizes that hold up to four adults, or up to six adults. Please specify your size.

Also great for campers, hunters, hikers, climbers, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts."

NEW: Look for the review of this great Emergency Storm Shelter in a recent issue of Sea Kayaker magazine! Storm Shelter deployed on a cold January day (click for larger version):

Storm Shelter (kayaking)

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