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BCU Canoe and Kayak Handbook - 3rd edition

BCU Canoe and Kayak Handbook  3rd edition
ISBN: 0 - 9531956 - 5 - 1
Editor: Franco Ferrero
Illustrator: Carol Davies
Contributors: Duncan Winning, Graham Mackereth, Rob Cunnington, Lara Tipper, Ray Goodwin, Keith Hampton, Bill Taylor, Leo Hoare, Ian Coleman, Suresh Paul, Richard Harvey, David Halsall, David Taylor, Richard Ward, Gerry McCusker, Claire Knifton, Keith Morris, Gordon Brown, Matt Berry, Loel Collins, Andy Maddock, Melissa Simons, Martin Streeter, Paul O'Sullivan, Ken Hughes, Pete Astles
Physical Description: 352pp, full colour, 240x170mm, paperback / notch bound


  • The complete paddlesport reference book
  • Completely re-written 3rd edition
  • Now in full colour
  • Written by enthusiastic and current British Canoe Union coaches and practitioners, this book is an invaluable source of information for both novice and expert alike.

    For the newcomer it will provide a firm foundation in their chosen aspect of the sport.

    The coach or experienced paddler will find it invaluable as:

  • an update to current theory and practice
  • an introduction to new aspects of the sport
  • a pointer to other sources of information such as relevant books and websites
  • Foreword - by Ray Rowe
    You do realise, of course, that if you have got to the stage of thinking enough about paddling to pick up this book you are probably already damaged forever as a human being! Buried deeply inside your psyche is an urge to spend totally unreasonable amounts of time in the often uncomfortable surroundings of a small boat. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone, and that the number of your fellow paddlers continues to grow steadily.

    The sheer size of this book is evidence of the progress that has been made in canoeing and kayaking, from the distant days when the boats all looked very much the same and the official manual was but a sliver. Through development of equipment and evolution of technique we have discovered many different ways to enjoy and negotiate the waters of our little planet. The range of boat shapes and performance is staggering, and the differing types of paddling available to us are incredibly diverse.

    The cynic might say that modern canoeing/kayaking has become a collection of totally unrelated sports – that the flat water sprinter has nothing whatsoever in common with the white water freestyle star, and that the rambling sea kayaker shares nothing at all with the competitive slalom racer. But this is not so. As we sit or kneel in this small craft, which we have carried to the water's edge under our own steam and give it life through the way we grab hold of the water and pull on it, we are united. There are easier ways to travel through water but none has the simple, delightful and fluid appeal that comes when a paddle blade gripped by the bare hand translates itself into movement of the boat. A canoe or kayak in expert hands is a true delight to watch.

    The BCU Canoe and Kayak Handbook, as well as providing invaluable information on specific areas, serves as an important reminder that we are part of one great paddlesport family. There is a huge amount of knowledge, experience and tradition to be passed on in these pages. Some of this information lies within the area of teaching and coaching. Here again, paddling is quite unique in being a sport where great emphasis and value has been placed on helping people to learn and develop safely and efficiently. Coach education has evolved no less rapidly than the rest of the sport and anyone endorsed as a coach, at any level, can be proud of their efforts.

    Unlike many other forms of recreation, our sport continues to be harmless to the natural environment in which it happens. In the future we must continue to preserve the tradition of care for the environment and wildlife - this handbook provides an important instrument to that end. Leaving nothing but the fading wake from our boats and the spinning eddies from the paddles must be the tenet for all.

    No one could possibly think that you could become an expert paddler by reading a book. There isn't any short-cut to getting on the water and gaining experience. What this very special book does is draw on the countless years of experience of the expert authors, and condense this background knowledge into a single, unique publication. Enjoy your paddling.

    About the Editor
    Franco Ferrero is a Level 5 Coach (Inland and Sea) and now divides his work time between freelance coaching, writing and publishing. He was formerly the head of the canoeing department at Plas y Brenin, and was honoured with the Geoff Good Coach of the Year Award (coaching adults category) in 2000.

    His main paddling interests are white water and sea touring, though he occasionally ‘dabbles' in other aspects of paddlesport and is also a keen mountaineer. He has paddled throughout Britain and the European Alps, as well as in Norway, Nepal, Peru and British Columbia in Canada.

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