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Scottish Sea Kayaking - Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages

Scottish Sea Kayaking  Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages
Short Description

A selection of fifty great sea voyages around the mainland of Scotland and the Western Isles.

At last, here it is … Scotland's first guidebook for sea kayakers wishing to explore its amazing coastline and magical islands.

It brings together a selection of fifty great sea voyages around the mainland of Scotland, from the Mull of Galloway in the SW to St Abb's Head on the east coast, as well as voyages in the Western Isles, ranging from day trips to three day journeys.

Illustrated with superb colour photographs and useful maps throughout, it is a practical guide to help you select and plan trips. It will provide inspiration for future voyages and a souvenir of journeys undertaken.

As well as providing essential information on where to start and finish, distances, times and tidal information, the book does much to stimulate and inform our interest in the environment we are passing through. It is full of facts and anecdotes about local history, geology, scenery, seabirds and sea mammals.

A fascinating read and an inspirational book.


Scotland has some of the most varied and dramatic coastline in the world. This includes fast tidal streams and calm sea lochs, huge cliffs and sandy beaches, history and culture and an abundance of wildlife. The weather and oceans have been shaping this environment for millions of years and nowadays it offers the last true wilderness of Great Britain. The coastline provides an archipelago of islands guarding the Atlantic coast to the west, remote and dominant cliffs towering above the tidal streams of the north and sea stacks, arches and wildlife fronting the North Sea to the east. The Scottish coastline offers a lifetime of exploration for everyone.

This guide is born from a love of this coastal wilderness, and a desire to discover and explore it. The sea kayak is the perfect craft to journey through this amazing environment at close quarters, and in this gives a unique perspective on the surroundings. The authors have paddled the entire Scottish coastline and have had many years of pleasure in discovering the variety it offers. It is from this experience that fifty sea kayaking trips have been chosen.

The fifty trips described are not necessarily the ‘best', but are intended to give a real insight into the variety of kayaking the Scottish coastline offers. The authors are aware that many fantastic areas have been missed out, notably Orkney and Shetland. Our descriptions are not full in each trip and the weather as we know makes the same trip different each time; this should allow the paddler to still have the opportunity to discover things while paddling our trips. In addition to this it is hoped that the trips will provide something for all abilities of sea kayaker, with the trips ranging from sheltered lochs to committing tidal races. The guide is designed to provide all the relevant tidal information and route descriptions to enable the kayaker to head off and enjoy the trip. The kayaker will still need to have the knowledge to interpret this information and use it wisely in the sea environment, taking into account the appropriate safety considerations. The guide is about more than this though; it also provides an insight into the history, culture and wildlife that makes the Scottish coastline that extra bit special. Resulting from years of kayaking, research and personal experiences this guide will provide the true flavour of what makes up Scottish sea kayaking.

About the Authors

Doug Cooper has spent his entire life involved with the outdoors. At age seven he was introduced to scrambling amongst the Lakeland mountains, and first sat in a kayak at thirteen. Since these early days it has become Doug's career as well as his first love on a day off. Through work and play it has led to expeditions and trips to many of the remoter corners of the world. At present Doug is based at Scotland's National Outdoor Training Centre, Glenmore Lodge. Here Doug is Head of Paddlesports working as a Level 5 Sea and Inland Coach, as well as a Mountain Instructor. It is in this work that he realises his real passion, which is coaching and introducing people to an activity and an environment that has given him so much over the years. Doug has been exploring the Scottish coastline in a sea kayak since 1990 and in this time has grown to love this amazing natural environment. Through work and play he has also sea kayaked many other fantastic areas of the United Kingdom. In addition to this he has enjoyed expeditions to Greenland, Norway and Iceland using the sea kayak to explore the coastlines and cultures. As long as he is in the outdoors coaching, exploring and learning, then there is nowhere else he would rather be.

George Reid is known to many outdoor folk through his work with Glenmore Lodge (Scotland's National Outdoor Training Centre) that has spanned a period of 20 years. He became an International Mountain Guide (IFMGA) in 1987, subsequently working in the European Alps and the Canadian Rockies guiding rock and ice climbs, making ascents of Alpine peaks and leading ski mountaineering trips. Despite being introduced to sea and river kayaking at school in Edinburgh during the mid 80's, George focused his attentions on mountaineering. It was not until 1996, when at Glenmore Lodge, that George was exposed to the scope of sea kayaking. It was his wife Catriona who suggested that George should “join the dots”. She bought him a map of Scotland, pencilled in the trips done, and that in turn focussed the weekends and holidays for the next few years until a continuous line appeared on the map around the mainland of Scotland. If there is one thread that links all George's adventures it is an appreciation of nature. His knowledge of the flora and fauna, be it on the mountain or the sea, is well known and one of the greatest pleasures he receives is when he can share these experiences with other people.
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